Sunday 27 March 2022
in our loft apartment in Schaerbeek,
Rassonstraat 47
Doors open : 16:00
Concert : 16:30 (+/- 60′)
10 euros (due to the current sanitary circumstances, we see ourselves obliged to limit the number of seats and charge the same price for all)
children -12: free entrance

Do not come if you are sick (and let us know ;-)) and use the hydro-alcoholic gel that we provide at the entrance and/ or wash your hands regularly.

Our living room is big, but everything has its limits! Please Register Now to reserve your seat

The Living Room Concerts are back! After a second corona winter, we are bringing spring in our home with Kangling, a group founded by singer, bassist and guitarist Axel Gillain, who has been a fixture on the Belgian jazz scene for over 15 years.

Kangling is an intimate dive into modern soul, with its own blues accents. Songs like paintings with a sound that lets you wander through the rich and varied landscapes of contemporary pop. Delicate and enchanting sound scenes arise from wild and contrasting impulses, with interwoven texts about trial and error, about loss, pain and healing, interspersed with images from nature

Kangling comes to our living room to play a set as a duo: two voices, guitar and organ. Minimalistic and intense.

Axel Gilain – Voice, Guitar
Julia Emmery – Voice, Organ

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