After an 18-month break for reasons we all know all too well, we are super happy to welcome you again in our living room for a house concert!

Alain Pierre

Guitarist and composer

Sunday October 17, 2021
in our loft apartment in Schaerbeek, Rassonstraat 47
Doors open : 16:00
Concert : 16:30 (+/- 60′)
10 euros (due to the current sanitary circumstances, we see ourselves obliged to limit the number of seats and charge the same price for all)
children -12: free entrance

The seats are arranged in ‘bubbles’ –
maximum 20 people – ventilation – respect physical distances, do not come if you are sick (and let us know ;-)) and use the hydro-alcoholic gel that we provide at the entrance and/ or wash your hands regularly.

On October 17, we welcome the fantastic guitarist and composer Alain Pierre, who will present his latest album, a solo guitar project entitled “Sitting In Some Café”, with different guitars: classical, folk 6 and 12 strings and fretless.

Written when we could still go where we wanted, put our heads together at the counter and soak up the atmosphere of cafes without a worry on our minds… Alain Pierre found inspiration in these moments of being together.

Alain Pierre studied classical guitar, chamber music and free improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, as well as jazz guitar and jazz harmony at the Liège jazz seminar and at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

He has collaborated with Ralph Towner, Philip Catherine, Paolo Radoni, Jacques Pirotton, Pierre Van Dormael, Serge Lazarevitch, Peter Hertmans, Steve Houben, Arnould Massart, Garrett List, Barbara Wiernik…

His specialty: the 12-string acoustic guitar, which he plays with the classical guitar technique.

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