Livingroom Concert @ Rasson: Barbara Wiernik & Alain Pierre

Sunday 24 April 2022
in our loft apartment in Schaerbeek,
Rassonstraat 47
Doors open : 16:00
Concert : 16:30 (+/- 60′)
10 euros
children -12: free entrance

Our living room is big, but everything has its limits! Please Register Now to reserve your seat

What a pleasure to welcome the most “glamorous” couple of Belgian jazz in our living room: Barbara Wiernik & Alain Pierre! With their project “Different Lines” this duo guarantees an exceptional concert.

The professional paths of Barbara Wiernik and Alain Pierre have been linked for a long time. They got the chance to play in different bands together and their musical bond has grown steadily over the years.

With “Different Lines” they go for simplicity without frills and take a refreshing dive into a repertoire of original compositions and covers. Voice and guitar engage in a moving, inspiring, heartwarming dialogue. Light, delicate and fragile, but also powerful, robust and groovy.

Their universe is soft, sensitive and cheerful, no one can resist their playful spontaneity. Our living room welcomes you with open arms!

Barbara WIERNIK: voice
Alain PIERRE: 6 & 12 string guitars

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