The virtual choir: a visual account of the residence at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles

From February 8 to 12 the Cie Tisserin was in residence at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles – with the help of CultureCultuur1060. An intense week in our artistic bubble, without a chorus on stage this time – thank you Corona – but nevertheless very constructive! About ten inhabitants of Saint-Gilles joined our virtual[…]

Silence Complice 2.0 : Selected by CultureCultuur1060 !

Amazing how good it feels to read this beautiful sentence: We are therefore pleased to inform you that your project has been accepted. 😊 Concretely? Thanks to CultureCultuur1060 we have the budget to continue exploring our “Silence Complice 2.0” project, especially during our next residency in February at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles (while[…]

Residency at the Marni Theater

From September 14th to 25th we were in residence at the Marni Theater in Ixelles. What a great adventure, what a wonderful group of people, what a generous welcome from this magnificent team from the Marni Theater! 10 days of artistic research, including 3 with the citizens’ choir, a very diverse group that only formed[…]

Theatre @ Rasson – Stampkot (in Dutch)

    Sunday 26th of Marc 2017, at 4pm in our loft-appartement in Schaarbeek, Rassonstraat 47 Stampkot (in Dutch) a musical tale told by Bert De Meerleer (text and performance) and Steven Libbrecht (sax) directed by Bie Borms. ( +- 50 min). 10 euro 8 euro for artists, unemployed, -18, + 65,  … Kids -12 free Our living room is big but also has its limits, please reserve your seats  “Stampkot” a small[…]