Residency at the Marni Theater

From September 14th to 25th we were in residence at the Marni Theater in Ixelles. What a great adventure, what a wonderful group of people, what a generous welcome from this magnificent team from the Marni Theater!

10 days of artistic research, including 3 with the citizens’ choir, a very diverse group that only formed at the start of the second week: Abdoul, Iago, Jacqueline, Kris, Tatiana and Valérie, all wonderful people. The two actors, Stéphane Brodzki and Laurent van der Rest worked with them on awareness and movement, and we selected a few scenes from the play, in order to explore the contribution of their presence.

Stien directed and also created a sound montage, based on Frédéric Vercheval’s original soundtrack, interviews with choir members as well as other citizens. This choir is by definition evolving: in each place where we will play, the composition of the choir will change in part, and we will integrate the voices and images of the citizens of the surrounding locality. By doing so we invite an “infinite circle” of citizens to a conversation on the main themes of the play.

This residency also allowed us to start the scenography work with Saoud Mama, artist and scenographer. His inventiveness, creativity and sensitivity have allowed us to do a lot of things with little money. The magician-technician Dries Van de Velde put us in the spotlight with great acuity.

After leaving the residency, we received very constructive and encouraging feedback from a benevolent audience. One of the reactions:

I really appreciated the presence of the choir. The contrast between the play of the actors touched me a lot and the snatches of stories, the words that mingle in the soundtrack made me glimpse liabilities, doubt, courage … My gaze is attached to their presence, more than to the path traveled. (Virginie Roy, Marni Theater)

In February 2021 we will be in residence at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles, in April 2021 it is CC Jette which welcomes us in residence.



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