Theatre @ Rasson – Stampkot (in Dutch)



Sunday 26th of Marc 2017, at 4pm
in our loft-appartement in Schaarbeek, Rassonstraat 47

(in Dutch)
a musical tale told by Bert De Meerleer (text and performance) and Steven Libbrecht (sax) directed by Bie Borms. ( +- 50 min).

10 euro
8 euro for artists, unemployed, -18, + 65,  …
Kids -12 free

Our living room is big but also has its limits, please reserve your seats 

“Stampkot” a small black book by Oscar Dambré (a war veteran) written in 1933 tells us the story of the brothers Ward and Frans Van Raemdonck born in Temse in the province of Antwerp nearby the river Schelde. It was picked out by Bie Borms of her father’s library. Bie then passed the book to some of her her pupils knowing that the pure Flemish in which the book was written – a language that let the reader taste the clay ground of the Yzerplain –was going to please them. One could say that the language used in the book inclines to the art of painting. Later on the text was being modernized without losing its origins or its identity. Bie agreed to direct. The piece was born

The book follows the brothers Van Raemdonck and the the sixth company during World War I on the night of 25 to 26 March 1917 – exactly 100 years ago- where they were ordered to carry out a raid on the Stampkot, an oil mill, situated nearby the river Yzer. This action had the purpose of making prisoners of war so as to obtain information about the enemy. Ward and Frans Van Raemdonck “proposed themselves as volunteers” to fight on the flanks.

Both brothers became symbols of (brother) love and of the futility of violence (of war) independent of place nor time.

Bert and Steven met in Meise were they attended both a course of “Creative writing” given by Luc Frans. In the past Bert played different monologues (e.g. Wortel van Glas, Awater, Stalin) and theater pieces (e.g .Rachel and the postman) directed by Bie Borms

In 2016 followed an adaptation, under direction of Luc Frans, after the book “The Donutman” of Jess Walter called “About Vince”

Steven is taking sax lessons since 2009 in Meise under Hans de Jong . Last year he gave musical support to “About Vince.”

“Stampkot” is a new experience that they would like to share with you on the 26 of march 2017.





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