Living Room Concert @ Rasson – Family Feels Duo

Sunday 22th of April 2018
in our loft-appartement in Schaarbeek, Rassonstraat 47
Family Feels



doors open at 16:00
concert starts at 16:30 (lasts about 1 hour)
bar open until 20:00

8 euro
Kids -12 free

Our living room is big but also has its limits, please reserve your seats: click here

Family Feels: the bound between Anne en Cédric goes way back. They started making music together at the very start of their career, they covered artists they discovered little by little during their collaboration: Suzanne Vega, Rickie Lee Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Joan Beaz. Cédric followed the 5year training at the Antwerp Jazz Studio and Anne took lessons in harmony with David Lynx, at that time a celebrated jazz singer. The duo develops a common musical culture and a taste for rich and sofisticated melodies which – like the compositions of Joni Mitchell – evoke an ever changing stream of images: spaces, landscapes, scenes from life. In the nineties they start writing their own songs and texts, in French and in English, following their inspiration. Their compositions are the fruit of exchange: one of them brings the chords, the other finds the melody and vice versa. Once the mould is ready, the texts come in easily.



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